November 9, 2017

Configure Android Box for IPTV

  • Go to Google Play on your Android box
    Search for the word “STB Emulator”
    Install the Free version of StbEmu



Once it is installed, it will look something like this –>









On the Top Right Corner, you will see 3 dots to go to Settings








On the Settings, go to Profile menu









You can Add Profile or click on existing profile

We prefer to Add new profile so that it will not affect existing profile. Profile name in the picture is just an example.





Check and MAC Address and send the same to us

We need this MAC address to give you subscription. Your subscription is tagged to the MAC address of your box.





Once you get the Portal URL from us, you need to go to Portal settings








Enter the Portal URL and Press OK to save it

After entering the Portal URL, your StbEmu will update the channel list for you and you will be able to watch the same.

URL in the picture is just an example.